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Jun. 19th, 2009

New custom mood theme XD

That's what others had done for very long time nee~ But now I just have time and patient to do this : ))
My old mood is Tuzki but with only 4 GIF image (I think)
This time I used Jrockers' photos. (D, Girugamesh, Myv) There's a lot MYV cus he has rich expression O.O (most funny and weird!!!)

Preview here XD Some of it not really fit with the meaning of mood but... well, I choose the most suitable photo I have XD And some I don't understand what it is but still make cus I want...
and that's all for this entry : D

moodscrn.jpg picture by samie_vu_120591

Jun. 12th, 2009

oh maybe the only left is...

' 3 '
What the hell is going on with that LJ account recently? Someone add my LJ over and over again and well, when I took a look, only some rubbish stuff about making money blah blah (like someone would believe)
and funny strike on that-one's name : ))

well, ignore ...

Có lẽ từ đây sẽ bắt đầu dùng LJ...
Cô đơn qúa
Quả thực vẫn thích dùng 360 .________. Những thứ mà phải biết html các thứ mới trang trí được mình rất là ghét (cơ bản vì quá dốt : )) ) đó là lí do vì sao cả Lj lẫn myspace đều đen ngòm : ))
Nhưng đành phải dùng chứ biết làm sao = 3 =

Mar. 16th, 2009

Asagi bites his roses

Alice in Dark edge XD

Final DVD "Alice in Dark edge"

Don't really know why ' 3 ' EMS is fast but... release date is 18th??? :")
Anyway I just received it XD
small and light ' 3 '

Picture010.jpg picture by samie_vu_120591

Picture013.jpg picture by samie_vu_120591

Picture019.jpg picture by samie_vu_120591

Picture027.jpg picture by samie_vu_120591

Picture033.jpg picture by samie_vu_120591

Picture036.jpg picture by samie_vu_120591

I haven't watched yet ^^ have to go to class now

Feb. 18th, 2009

taizo zoro

18.2.2008 Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Ruiza
And yea... Happy Birthday to Taizo too
My 2 favourite guitarists...
Wish you 2 a really happy new age :")

Feb. 16th, 2009

Fanart? :")

I supposed to draw it for valentine but... today is 16th anyway .___________.

This is my first Asagi fanart... and the first time I vector anything :") When I started to draw his face, I was like "weee, vector is funny... easieeeee...." Then, when I draw the first hand >>> "er, how to draw this? what about shadow-thing? damn? what is this? looks nothing like a hand at all" *erase* ..................... finally, give up with his tattoo (God know, I really want to draw it .__________.") I even choose an easy stock... but still..............

I have to practice more =   =
Here the rose lady~Collapse )


Feb. 4th, 2009

Asagi bites his roses

D from A to Z



.:From A to Z:.


By Samie Vu

Special thanks to the "Tafel Anatomie 100 Qestions" of feb5th and the ideas of Jamie at SGcafe




A is the first letter in alphabet and “Alice” is D’s first single, release after their reunion (after short-break, you know, by some reasons) in 27th November, 2003. D also show that they have special interest in Alice. Alice appeared the second time in D second major single “Yami no Kuni no Alice|Hamon” …



_Bara no Yakata 「 薔薇の館」: D’s TV show on air every Wednesdays started October 1st, 2008 Very interesting and funny…Our roses in normal live, normal clothes are very cute XD

_Blood type

The only one that blood type is secrest is Tsune (can you make a guess which is??!)




Fly away~Collapse )







Dec. 18th, 2008


Thanks Mar for this rings :">

A is for "A. And Asagi"

(I kind of have many things related to A because my name is A. but ... it can be Asagi now > u < nya ssu? )

ah... have nothing to do and post
sorry to spam you ssu ' 3 '

Sep. 25th, 2008

Ultimate Lover

Just have new photosCrazy Rabbit Icons

Remember me...

Haha, just the new shirt
Crazy Rabbit Wink

Front: D Ultimate lover and a rose tattoo

Back: D logo with wings
Crazy Rabbit Winks

Bleh... hahaha
Crazy Rabbit Winks

Oh... and this...
Mad hatters
Crazy Rabbit Icons (always same pose, Asagi <3)

hat.jpg picture by samie_vu_120591


Picture3869.jpg picture by samie_vu_120591

Aug. 28th, 2008

(no subject)

Happy Birthday to Asagi, my most beautiful rose, my love, my life XD


Aug. 3rd, 2008

D's news updated 3-8

1. D has announced their new 2008Live name "Alice in dark edge" , starting from October 26th, end at December 22th. 
2. D's official site has changed its theme song, from "BIRTH" to "Yami no Kuni no Alice" (New single, also theme song for a game and movie 
3. They also update their pictures in Profile

profile-b-hiroki-ov.gif image by samie_vu_120591profile-b-hide-ov.gif image by samie_vu_120591profile-b-asagi-ov.gif image by samie_vu_120591profile-b-ruiza-ov.gif image by samie_vu_120591profile-b-tsune-ov.gif image by samie_vu_120591

And in each mem profile too :D 

p-asagi-bg.jpg picture by samie_vu_120591 

p-ruiza-bg.jpg picture by samie_vu_120591

p-hidezou-bg.jpg picture by samie_vu_120591 p-hiroki-bg.jpg picture by samie_vu_120591 p-tsunehito-bg.jpg picture by samie_vu_120591

Damn it > u < They are so cool ... Their outfits are damn gorgeous > u < (But in my opinion, not very special, all black) But, vampires and roses back for sure > u < They have changed compare to "BIRTH"

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